Finding crew to scale your business is now easier than ever!  Shootzu is a new way to Find Crew and Be Crew in the Photography and Video Production industry.


Find Crew - Post Jobs

Post Jobs and target professionals in that city.  An immediate notification will be sent to those in that city, letting them know there’s a new job.

Local area knowledge is a powerful asset.


Be Crew - Apply for Jobs

Create and maintain your user profile with the latest portfolio of imagery.  Businesses will browse your application data and choose the most suitable professional based on your portfolio.

Make it shine!


Crew Agreements

You focus on building your business… we’ll take care of the legal!   Our crew agreements within Shootzu Protect have been put together by legal professionals to protect businesses and crew.

The boring but important stuff.


Push Notifications

Using our mobile app on Android or iOS devices – you can choose to received push notifications of jobs that match your criteria.

Never miss an opportunity.

Inbuilt Communication

Send applicants questions and maintain an in-app communication channel between professionals on jobs.

Communication is key!

Shoot Schedules

Manage your crew with our online shoot schedule.   Your crew will have all the latest information on the shoot at their fingertips via their Shootzu account on the website or mobile app.

Coming Soon

Reviews & Ratings

A two way rating system is included to build trust among the industry  Once a job is completed, all uses must rate each other based on their experience.  Crew rate businesses, Businesses rate shooters.

Work together with high standards

Hire & Pay Shooters

When you opt in for Shootzu Protect when sending a job offer – we will take the full payment for the shoot once you’ve hired a professional.  We’ll hold onto the payment in escrow until the job has been marked as completed.  We’ll then release payment on completion to the hired crew.

Take the stress out of payments!

Photography and videography is a passion, but it’s a Zu out there when trying to grow your business!

Cheaper than coffee!

Explainer Video


Did you know that the average photography company is only 1-2 people?

And that although businesses want to grow, it’s often hard to do so?

Whether starting out, or with an established business, the biggest issue continues to be how to build our businesses without compromising standards and quality, not to mention being paid for our craft. It’s a career we chose because we are passionate, but that shouldn’t mean we have to work for peanuts.

Shootzu is here to give the power back to the professionals. It’s an app designed by one of our very own community members to match professional shooters with photography and videography companies (the eHarmony of the creative world, if you will!).


A few things to note about Shootzu!


Shootzu is NOT a directory, but a membership-based toolkit. No more trawling through jobs on the other side of the country. Shootzu will let you set up your profile and it will send notifications based on your local area.



It will be so much more than a matching app. Networking events and meet ups, podcasts & blogs + mentoring programs is all be part of Shootzu’s commitment.


Shootzu will be a simple membership fee with no hidden costs. And for users, the app aims to cut out the black market and services out there devaluing the market.  No bidding wars! No commissions! No free jobs “to build exposure”! Just high quality shooters being matched with high quality businesses.


It will look to support the next generation of video and photo professionals by offering tips and tricks from the industry’s best, as well as the boring (but necessary) side of how to set up your business for success.

Are you ready to join the Zu Crew?